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The Story

In CrateTastrophe you play as the guard, tasked with the dreary job of keeping watch on an old, secret, army hangar. When suddenly crates start to fly around you draw your gun and the mayhem begins!

From the classic First-Person-Shooter perspective solve puzzles presented by the various crate types and their effects on each other when destroyed. 
Use quick wits as the timer is constantly clicking down! Gain new weapons with increasing destructive capabilities as you shoot your way through hundreds of game levels, spanning areas of the hangar, surrounding industrial area, the countryside and more. 

The crates you destroy are counted as currency, which can be used in the store to gain ammo, lives, new gun sights and most importantly - brand new weapons!

Unlock achievement by preforming everything from the mundane to the craziest tricks and pinnacle of bullet spraying. 

Score higher and higher points as you push forward - these points will unlock early access for expert players to the Challenge Mode, where new achievements and challenges await. 
Additionally, show your high score with great pride on our leaderboards, where the best of the best fight to claim the number one spot!


Leaderboards and Challenge Mode

Watch the ranking of players from around the world in leaderboards for both the main game and the tougher Challenge Mode.
Achieve record breaking scores to win prizes, such as determining the names of new achievements and affect other parts yet to come of the game!
Tournaments and other special events are also coming.

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Play on Android Devices!

CrateTastrophe available now on Google Play!

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