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Kingdom of Dinza


A beautiful 2D, procedurally generated, open world of exploration and mystery awaits you in the Kingdom of Dinza!

Tasked with finding a long lost weapon of myth, you are sent to the long forgotten kingdom of Dinza in a desperate attempt to save your own home.

With RPG elements, crafting, monster fighting and solving dungeon based challenges - Kingdom of Dinza is an experience like no other.

Complete your main quest in the time limit and achieve greatness, fail - and you can start again in a brand new land!


Key game features:

  • An open world, different every time you create a new game - procedural generation includes the world, dungeons, monsters and loot.

  • 3 game modes - from easy, for a more relaxed, exploration oriented gameplay, to hard - for intense timed experience.

  • No map, no flashing indicators and very little hand holding - the world is truly yours to learn and enjoy! Draw your own map of land, important locations and dungeons, or simply go wherever your journey will take you.

  • Manage your gear, items and stats to become more powerful as the adventure progresses.

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