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1) Starting from zero got nothing to lose

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Some time ago, in early September 2020, I saw an advertisement in my Facebook feed for an online course in Unity. The course was heavily discounted and I decided, almost on a whim, to buy it and see what's it all about.

I studied computers science as a high-schooler, so programming, functions and methods were not completely alien to me. But, that was over 20 years ago ... so I did had my trepidations.

As I started getting into the lessons and home assignments I found just how far programming has advanced in these years. It was fairly easy, very straight forward and after some head scratching, even fun.

As time went on I understood that maybe, just maybe, I can actually make something of my own.

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1 Comment

this game is so cool and very challenging. Your story is very interesting! will you make more games?

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