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2) Finding that right idea

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

So Unity is a great tool to building games, but what game to build?

I was itching to create something great of my own, but had to deal with several considerations: first, the limits of my technical know-how. Second, and closely following the first, is coming up with a concept that will produce a fun game - simple enough for me to actually create yet fun and engrossing in a way that it can actually sell and stand out from the crowd.

I turned my attention to three key inspirations:

  • Puzzle games that do not rely on graphic splendor, such as Tetris for example. Games that require the player to think fast and solve situations with a limited toolbox and a sense of ingenuity.

  • The philosophy of perhaps the greatest game designer of all, Shigeru Miyamoto, who always emphasized finding that one 'gimmick' that can be expanded upon and hold an entire game on its back.

  • Finally, the popularity of games involving pointing/aiming and shooting a wide assortment of guns: from the magnificent DOOM through Fortnite and beyond.

And so, and idea was starting to form in my mind.

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